Self Planning & Self Practice Project around Mahāmudrā…

Design a personal practice focusing on using Mahāmudrā to explore the following breathing ratios:

The following guidelines are offered as a framework for this project:
a)  Total of 12 breaths each side in Mahāmudrā.
b)  Different ratios to be tried on different days, at least twice each ratio.
c)  Add necessary preparation and compensation.
d)  Prepare your practice diary under:-
– date/time
– ratio chosen and breath length possible
– Show any progression steps used within each ratio
– Total time taken for practice
– Record pulse for one minute both before and after the practice.
– Add any personal observations e.g. body/breath/other

Plan and vertical column sketch out one core practice outlining main Āsana,
then list in columns on the same page/s any Āsana changes made with regard to each ratio:
in terms of changes in form, order of use, breathing focus, variations, repeat/stay, etc.
listed in columns on the same page.

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Yoga Practice Planning and Theory Questions – Collected & Collated

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