Design an Āsana practice to include three hand balance Āsana of your choice…

Design an Āsana practice to include three hand balance Āsana of your choice.

The Vinyāsa Krama or planning steps in the practice will be for a total of 90 working breaths.

– It will be based primarily around Āsana.
– In this instance, the practice will not include any sitting MudrāPrāṇāyāma or Dhyāna.
– In the planning structure, any link Āsana such as Samasthiti, Śavāsana, Vajrāsana,
do not count in the breath tally.
– State the intended developmental path of the practice.
– Consider the primary Āsana you are choosing to build the practice with.
– Justify your choice of supporting or compensatory Āsana within the scheme.

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