Design an Āsana practice around Dhanurāsana  and Ardha Matsyendrāsana

Design an Āsana practice around Dhanurāsana and Ardha Matsyendrāsana

The Vinyāsa Krama or planning steps in the practice will be for a total of 90 working breaths.

– It will be based primarily around Āsana, perhaps with Mudrā.
– In this instance, the practice will not include any sitting Prāṇāyāma or Dhyāna.
– In the planning structure, any link Āsana such as Samasthiti, Śavāsana, Vajrāsana,
do not count in the breath tally.
– State the intended developmental path of the practice.
– Consider the primary Āsana you are choosing to build the practice with.
– Consider the primary ratio you are choosing to use in the crown of the practice.
– Justify your choice of supporting or compensatory Āsana within the scheme.

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