Autumn greetings as the seasonal changes appear to be arriving quite suddenly…….

Autumn greetings as the seasonal changes appear to be arriving quite suddenly as I move back into teaching, seemingly along with the UK educational establishment, after a Covid co-incidental two month sabbatical planned from last year. Within which I must say I felt increasingly hermit like from the demands of living in a social solicitude in the hills that have been my home these past 15 years.

It was certainly a good time weatherwise and the Cotswolds are a great landscape for walking as I covered over 300 miles in two months around the surrounding countryside. Though, as September arrives, I am not sure we are in any way closer to a maskless existence? Accordingly my teaching work is still confined to the online studies and consultations that became the normality through the months preceding my study break.

Aside from personal time out, the break was also planned to have time to focus on reviewing the increasing mass of material that has accumulated online in the past ten years since this website was launched in 2010. This past decade has seen the emergence of some 1500 posts around my studies with Desikachar and over 500 downloadable resources, along with which arises the challenge of not just presenting information on Yoga and especially the Viniyoga of Yoga, but also alongside that of making it more user accessible and student researchable.

So I have been re-exploring how to more effectively collect, collate and cross connect resources and over the next month I will be posting some new pages that hopefully further this possibility. For example there are already recently announced pages, as well as some new ones that offer collections curated below under:

Alongside these is what I feel is a small milestone that has been passed, in that the Romanised Saṃskṛta Core Glossary and Cross Reference Guide has now accumulated over 1000 words within its index. Here I would invite you to explore the intention of each glossary entry to offer:
– translations, along with each word
– being supported by cross searchable related concepts,
– plus links to textual references so far added online,
– as well as associated quotes and
– related posts with links to the core word.

Here are a few example words that hopefully illustrate the spirit of its purpose, namely:

More to come over the coming months as I continue to badger a way through the mounds from my decades of study resources, meanwhile thank you once again for your interest and support.

Śrī Gurubhyo Namaḥ


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