cYs Practitioner Training Programme Retreat Extract 1 – Self Planning & Self Practice

cYs Practitioner Training Programme 1999 Retreat Extract 1

Session 1 – Self Planning & Self Practice

This was a six day pre-breakfast planning and practice project for year three students within a four year Practitioner Training Programme.

The format was:

The Āsana planning themes and Prāṇāyāma practice techniques that set each days focus are shown below.

Āsana or Mudrā Planning Themes Prāṇāyāma Planning Techniques
Day 1 Paścimatāna Anuloma Ujjāyī
Day 2 Parśva Sūrya or Candra Bhedana
Day 3 Parivṛtti Pratiloma Ujjāyī
Day 4 Pūrvatāna Viloma Ujjāyī
Day 5 Viparīta Śītalī or Sītkārī.
Day 6 Mudrā Nāḍī Śodhana

To assist with the Āsana and Mudrā Planning themes handouts were offered with examples for each of the topics. A PDF download for each theme is listed below:

For those needing clarification around the Prāṇāyāma Planning Techniques, a PDF handout on the Primary Prāṇāyāma Techniques as taught by Krishnamacharya and Desikachar can be viewed or or downloaded from the link below.

The above post on this particular Self Planning & Self Practice exploration can be downloaded as a PDF.

Furthermore, this post will sit within a series of Practitioner Training Retreat Self Planning and Self Practice Extracts, illustrating both short term and longer term developmental examples of the Viniyoga of ĀsanaMudrāPrāṇāyāma and Bandha.

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