108 Teaching Path Pointers – 40 – Yoga offerings include Yoga for Asthma……

Yoga offerings include
– Yoga for Asthma
– Yoga for Bunions
– Yoga for Colds
– Yoga for Digestion
– Yoga for Eyesight
– Yoga for Flexibility
and so on through to
– Yoga for Volleyball
– Yoga for Witches
– Yoga for Xmas
– Yoga for Yahoos
– Yoga for Zombies
Is it not time for more
– Yoga for Yoga?

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One thought on “108 Teaching Path Pointers – 40 – Yoga offerings include Yoga for Asthma……

  1. I agree and have heard you say this a few times and have discussed this with you before, however I did just teach a yoga sleep workshop!

    I did this as a yoga practitioner aiming offer people tools to apply yoga to their individual situations. I covered an introduction to breathing techniques, co-ordinating breath and movement and discussed some lifestyle changes based on Ayurvedic principles.

    Two people who participated had never considered practicing yoga before. Several attendees were existing yoga students who were looking to apply specific yoga techniques to help with their sleep.

    In order to reach more people who may eventually practice yoga for yoga I see this as introduction. In much the same way as people might start exploring yoga because of a physical ailment. It offers them a way in to then explore studying yoga in more depth and gives them the potential to eventually practice yoga for yoga.

    I think this is an important aspect of my work. I can offer people an introduction but the key is what comes after. We need to offer further opportunities for people to explore yoga for yoga and the person’s sādhanā will determine where they take this.

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