The Viniyoga of Āsana Part 6 of 15 – Planning an Appropriate Āsana Practice

6. Planning an Appropriate Āsana Practice

In this post we will consider questions around the planning of an appropriate Āsana practice.

For example how would we consider the following situation:

  • Rising at 6.30am
  • Stiff neck
  • Stiff legs
  • Nostrils blocked
  • Stomach pain
  • Head heavy
  • Work meeting at 8.30am (15′ walk)

We can find out how much time is available, say 30′. So now we can prepare a practice. Though, whatever principles you use there are certain things that must happen.

However we should have respect for:

  • The state you are in that day
  • What you have to do after the practice
  • How long you have for the practice

Yet most people don’t or are not able to consider these points. In fact it could be said that we have only one body and it has the same characteristics i.e. Position of joints, limbs, organs, muscles.

Thus we should approach the practice from this direction:

  • In that we accept that there are certain standard areas in the body, yet we should have some individual values
  • The body is the constant, yet there are some variables
  • So, how can we adapt a procedure which takes care of both the constant and the variables within an Āsana practice?

These points will be discussed further when we look at the basic principles. Furthermore, these principles will help in considering what is the best approach. An approach that will respect that change is going to happen. Yet the way we travel must tell us that it is safe and there must be a built in safety factor to indicate any adverse or negative effects.

The next post will consider the types of postural activity for students in their Āsana practice.

– Extracts from my lessons with TKV Desikachar in 1980, extended in 2020

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