New Resources Page for Yoga Sūtra Chanting Practice PDF’s & Sound Files


The role of this page is to offer a centralised resource where you can access and download all the PDF’s and MP3’s that are currently offered as references and supports for the continuing development of our Personal Yoga Sūtra Chanting Practice.

These will also offer a further point of reference as the resources are grouped under the categories shown below. The date at the bottom of each topic group will indicate the last update.

Quick Links:
1. Opening Yoga Chants
2. Opening Yoga Sūtra Chants
3. Beginners Yoga Sūtra Chants
4. Yoga Sūtra Chant in Chapters
5. Closing Yoga Chants
6. Closing Yoga Sūtra Chants
7. Yoga Sūtra Chanting Resources as Sound Files

Following the Quick Links above will take you to the downloads within that group.

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