Paul’s Short & Longer Yoga Practice Theory Articles – Collected & Collated

There are currently some 100 short and longer articles I have written around Yoga Practice and Yoga Practice Theory. So I felt it could be worthwhile to set up a webpage where they are all collected together onto a single page, as well as being collated into topics according to content.

So, below you can find an outline of the primary Yoga practice topics and where relevant, practice sub-topics. Live links are shown to take you to the page itself and directly to the topic in question.

As well as aiming to help the reader by offering resources from my studies with Desikachar around Āsana, Mudrā, Prāṇāyāma, Dhāraṇā and Chant Practice, it also highlights that there are some topics that I could offer more articles around. So over the next months I will post around themes such as the application of Dynamic and Static Form or understanding the differences in the Variation or Modification of Āsana.

Meanwhile feel free to browse what is already there, the longer articles on Yoga Practice are also downloadable as PDF’s for future reference. The links below take you to the primary practice topic:

Quick Links:
1. Āsana, Mudrā, Prāṇāyāma, Dhāraṇā & Chant Practice – Collected Overview Posts
2. Āsana & Kriyā Practice – Collected Posts
– Āsana Form & Function Posts
– Āsana Practice Sequencing Posts
– Counter Posture, Transition & Rest Posts
– Breathing in Āsana Posts
– Dynamic & Static Form Posts
– Variation & Modification Posts
– Bṛṃhaṇa & Laṅghana Kriyā Posts
– Śikṣaṇa Rakṣaṇa & Cikitsā Posts
– Observation & Āsana Posts
3. Mudrā & Bandha Practice – Collected Posts
4. Prāṇāyāma & Pratyāhāra Practice – Collected Posts
5. Dhāraṇā & Dhyānam Practice – Collected Posts
6. Mantra & Sūtra Chant Practice – Collected Posts

One thought on “Paul’s Short & Longer Yoga Practice Theory Articles – Collected & Collated

  1. Thank-you Paul! Your postings are so helpful. I truly appreciate the fact that you take the time to share this knowledge. I find it a helpful reminder to great teachings as well as pointing to areas where I lack knowledge. In this way your posts support my continued growth. Thank-you!

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