Year Ending ’17 and Year Beginning ’18


Once more another year has almost passed into history, for me becoming too many to want to count! However I am no longer so directly involved in the manic movements so often a part of this month.
My daughters are now both parenting their own off-spring with a six year old boy and two month old baby girl, whilst my son is still roaming abroad and currently in South America with his partner till next summer.

So these days Granpa can increasingly sit back a bit with the Xmas break offering moments to pause to reflect on what has passed this year, especially on what is deadwood to discard and what are seeds to hold onto for the next year. On that note along with my commitment to maintaining personal time and space in my monthly schedule for UK and Overseas students, for my ongoing work with individuals and small study groups, the behind the scenes needs for a continual review and refinement of the curation aspects of the ever accumulating Yoga practice and study resources have commanded my focus, time and energy.

More on the website refinements and developments as we arrive into 2018. Meanwhile my apologies for lack of time to attend to the numerous emails I have been receiving and still awaiting attention. It has been a challenge this year to extract correspondence time with others alongside my study and teaching work and of course as always, making time to sustain my personal practice as something more than just maintenance.

Otherwise Year end greetings and best wishes for 2018 to all those who have engaged with my teaching work either through lessons, workshops, courses, or my online blog writings, posts and associated Yoga miscellanea, along with contributions offered from my teacher and his teacher’s decades of Yoga Sādhana.

I thank you and am grateful to you all for your support, encouragement and exchanges and I look forward to continuing my contributions, through these different virtual mediums, alongside my realtime teaching work, when I resume my study, writing and blog posting contact with the Yoga world sometime in the New Year.

Śrī Gurubhyo Namaḥ

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