Prāṇa, Patañjali and Practice – BWY CPD Bristol March 25th 2018


Sunday March 25th 2018 in Bristol

IST Day – Prāṇa, Patañjali and Practice

Through practice, presentation, study and discussion
we will explore the roles, purpose and relationship of Rāja and Haṭha Yoga.

The concepts of Energy, the influence of Mind and the emphasis on Practice have been the continuing focus for Yoga Teachings and Teachers since the time of Patañjali. What are these concepts, how can they be appreciated and utilised in times & cultures very different from their origins?

This CPD day will be an exploration of these themes through practice, study, discussion and reflection, drawing on traditional and contemporary Yoga teachings and practices.

This will be linked to the common energetic principles underpinning Haṭha Yoga
and Āyurveda and how they can be applied in terms of recovery, support or developmental roles
for the students starting point, potential and goals.

The day will suit BWY Teachers and Students interested in how Yoga can be applied
within a teaching curriculum whilst still integrating the deeper potentials of Yoga theory and practice
into both short term and longer term needs and goals.

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