Where does Śraddhā sit in a human being?


“Where does Śraddhā sit in a human being?
Is it a part of the mind?
No. It is beyond the mind.
It is Śraddhā which instructs the mind.
It comes from the hidden depths of the Saṃskāra and Vāsana
to influence one’s actions.”
– TKV Desikachar on Śraddhā in the Yoga Sūtra

3 thoughts on “Where does Śraddhā sit in a human being?

  1. I can really appreciate that the source of sraddha is beyond the mind. But the idea of it being colored by Saṃskāras and Vasanas is an interesting one. I was conceiving sraddha as a more universal feeling but, according to this thought by Desikachar, Sraddha then takes a different form of expression for every one…it does make sense…

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