Yoga regards the mind principally, this is absolutely universal…….

“I unintentionally mixed the Vedic tradition,
teaching about God’s pre-eminence,
with Yoga, whose goal and intention are different.
Yoga regards the mind principally, this is absolutely universal.

In the Yoga system, Īśvara, the principle of perfection,
is nothing but a means to attain mental clarity,
and still, it is a means among others!

Things are very different in the Vedic culture, for which God only matters.
The Brahma Sūtra understood it perfectly,
since they exclude Yoga from the ways of salvation,
because it does not give the Lord the first priority.

One must be aware of the image conveyed by Yoga,
when it is confused with Vedic chanting,
and of the image of the Veda,
when Vedic chanting is confused with Yoga.”

Extract from an interview with TKV Desikachar on Vedic Chanting

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