Example of a Vinyāsa Krama around Jaṭhara Parivṛtti

An example of a Vinyāsa Krama around Jaṭhara Parivṛtti exploring:

1. Long range movement lowering and lifting both legs
– Repeat Four times

2. Long range movement lifting and lowering just the top leg
– Repeat Four times

3. Short range movement sidesweeping the outer arm along the ground towards the ear
– Repeat Four times

4. Stay in the pose focused on the breath and its relationship with the abdomen-neck spiral
– Stay Four Breaths with micro movement

Thus a total of 16 breaths on one side, to be repeated on the opposite side giving a total of 32 breaths for the Vinyāsa Krama around Jaṭhara Parivṛtti.

Guidelines for the breath extend from a minimum of 5 breaths per minute
– i.e.

Towards around 4 breaths per minute
– i.e.

Or even 3 breaths per minute
– i.e.

Thus a total of three to five minutes each side within the Āsana.

Suggestions are not presented in this post on detailed Bhāvana or appropriate Āsana in terms of preparation, counterpose and conclusion of the practice within which this sequence sits as a singular or multiple crown.

Download or view this example Jaṭhara Parivṛtti Vinyāsa Krama as a PDF

Download this post around a Vinyāsa Krama for Jaṭhara Parivṛtti  as a PDF

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