Introduction to the Yoga Makaranda by TKV Desikachar


Introduction to the Yoga Makaranda by TKV Desikachar

Extract from the issue of KYM Darśanam published in November 1993,
it was written by TKV Desikachar as an introduction to a serialisation of the Yoga Makaranda which ran over 10 issues of the magazine until February 1996.

“I would like to bring to the notice some important aspects of this book to help understand the context in which it was written and to avoid misinterpretation.

1. This was to be the first volume of a series. With the death of the Mahārāja, the other volumes were not written. Hence it is an incomplete work on Yoga.

2. Its purpose was to discuss different techniques of Yoga, whether relevant or not. Therefore T Krishnamacharya has explained some of the Kriyā such as Netī and Dhauti which he himself did not recommend.

3. The Āsana are presented in Vinyāsa Krama, the way it was taught to children in the Yoga Śāla. This should not create the impression that T Krishnamacharya taught in this manner to everyone.

4. The use of conscious breathing in Āsana practice, a distinct aspect of his teaching, is constantly emphasised throughout the book.

5. Being an incomplete book it does not cover Prāṇāyāma, Dhyāna and other Sādhana.

6. The disciplines prescribed reflect the regimen of that period.”

TKV Desikachar

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  1. Thank you so much. More than ever I wish we all shared and sought a complete understanding of the importance of krama in every aspect of our teaching

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