We must respect the practice involving the body…….


“We must respect the practice involving the body.


  • Deśa Bheda
    Latitude, longtitude, or place at which a person is practicing or thinking.
    Deśa means climate, food.
  • Liṅga Bheda
    The body of a man or a woman. Masculine or feminine.
  • Kāla Bheda
    Seasons. Cold, humid, rain, heat.
    To adapt the Sādhana according to the time of the year.
    Certain texts say rituals, Mantra according to season.
    Āyurveda talks about season and food, season and medication, season and relaxation.
  • Vaya Bheda
    Age influencing, young and impatient, old and patient.
  • Śakti Bheda
    Concerning strength of the individual.
    Some are strong.
    In other words genetics of body and mind.
    Memory, ability to grasp, sit and study.
    Some can sit and chant for hours or 15′.
  • Mārga Bheda
    Direction one takes.
    For example – material benefits or,
    Anāstika – don’t believe in God, nothing beyond what we can perceive or,
    Āstika – not even blinking comes without the will of God.
    Mārga Bheda influences Sādhana very much.
    This must be respected.
    Otherwise something else other than your Mārga will be introduced as Yoga.
    For example Hindu chanting at the beginning of Yoga seminars.
    Or OM on visiting cards, brochures, etc.
  • Vṛtti Bheda
    Our job, profession, work.
    Vṛtti affects Sādhana because different Vṛtti affect different Sādhana – Architect, Priest, Gynaecologist.
    Innumerable but grouped into simple categories.
    They also have mental effects and must be respected.
    Vṛtti also works with conscience.
    So job and time must be respected.
  • Saṅga Bheda –
    Different individuals have different situations or social situation.
    For example large family and small area for practice.
    Depending on the Saṅga they are coming from we must respect the Sādhana.”

So how do you find out these important facts?”

TKV Desikachar France 1983

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