Some factors which a Sādhaka and a living master will take……


“Some factors which a Sādhaka (efficient or skilful person) and
a living master will take into consideration when giving a transmission:
The teacher must recognise whether the student is Bhāva Sādhaka or Abhāva Sādhaka.
Bhāva (move towards) Sādhaka is where a person comes to Yoga with a direct positive attitude. An interest.
Abhāva (move away) Sādhaka is one who is running away from something,
is a vacuum and is looking for something to fill it.
Appears to be strongly positive because they are running away from something.
A person who does not know what to do in life.
They want to do something to keep themselves occupied.
Or running away from something and are looking for something during a transit in life.
Very frustrating for a teacher who spends a lot of time with Abhāva Sādhaka until they find something better.
The teacher may test the student to see the difference. For example cancelling lessons.”
TKV Desikachar France 1983

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2 thoughts on “Some factors which a Sādhaka and a living master will take……

  1. Dear Paul
    Todays post is so true. For years I have been beating myself for every student that left, searching where did I go wrong
    And may I say again how inspiering your posts are to me.
    Waiting with anticipation for your next visit to Israel
    Edna Davidson

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