The Art of Personal Practice – Monthly Application of Āsana Masterclasses

The Art of Personal Sādhana aims to reflect the fundamentals of Śrī T Krishnamacharya teaching, namely transmission occurs through the direct experience of the teacher with the student’s personal Practice and Study Sādhana through 121 Lessons and Small Study Groups limited to a maximum of five students.

Monthly Application of Āsana Masterclasses in the Cotswolds 2017-2018

As well as the Individual Lesson, Weekend Workshop and Longer Course intensive study options through:

A Free Monthly Application of Āsana Masterclass is offered in the Cotswolds as a support for all interested in exploring, learning and experiencing the art of Āsana Practice. We will be exploring both individual Āsana and Āsana group themes through a shared workshop rather than the more usual group class environment.

“Owing to differences in the body structure,
all Āsana are not meant for everybody.”
– From T Krishnamacharya’s composition, the Yoga Rahasya

Each monthly meeting will introduce the student to the primary principles around the application of Āsana as taught by T Krishnamacharya to TKV Desikachar. They offer an experiential insight in how to inspire and deepen our personal Āsana practice, either for personal development or, if relevant, professional skills.

“All Āsana cannot be mastered by any one individual.”
– T Krishnamacharya 1984

Each meeting will focus on developing individual and thematic Āsana in practice through practical experience and group observation processes, along with Āsana theory that supports choice and performance focus. In other words we will be looking at the Application of Āsana in Practice from the Inside Out.

The application of Āsana is the art of learning
how to practice rather than just what to practice

Exploring Āsana individually or thematically in small groups allows interested students from all backgrounds to study with the added support of others and benefit from the group dynamic. Small study groups can also support developing or enhancing a personal practice.

Some are satisfied with what Āsana brings them.
Others are curious as to where Āsana can take them.

The Monthly Application of Āsana Masterclasses are limited to a maximum of five students to allow for a personalised approach, interactive teaching and in-depth transmission between student and teacher around individual Āsana and thematic Āsana groupings.

Meetings will be at Paul’s home studio, near Stroud, monthly on Wednesdays from 6.45pm – 8.00pm.

Upcoming Dates. Please contact Paul to discuss dates and places.

The Monthly Application of Āsana Masterclasses are free and all are welcome to join, though a consistent commitment would be helpful for both student and teacher.

As the group will be limited to a maximum of five students please contact Paul to confirm a place is available. The meetings will be free and there will be no fee for the ongoing sessions.


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