Mānasika Sādhana – Mind has a part to play……

Manasika Sādhana – Mind has a part to play.

Mānasika Sādhana
Mind has a part to play.
We can either direct or restrain.
Mind mentioned a lot in Yoga texts.
i.e. Attitude of Saṃtoṣa – mental contentment also a Sādhana.

Also Bhāvana.
Also Yama and Niyama.
When Yama and Niyama accomplished they become Siddhi.

Svādhyāya example of Sādhana – Study to know something about oneself or others.
Adhyayayana – To repeat exactly what is said by your teacher.
Based on three steps:
Śravaṇam – Listen
Mananam – Reflect
Nidhidhyāsanam – Go into what the teachers says.

Japam – Repeating a Mantra reflecting on the meaning everyday a certain number of times.
Also question of prayer – Īśvara Praṇidhānāt.
Thinking about God according to the way you have been taught.
Dhyānam is considered both Sādhana and Siddhi.
Reflection – behind action and result.

Svapna Nidrā – Reflection on sleep and dreams.
Slept well/not well.
Good dreams/bad dreams.
Investigate the phenomena of falling asleep.

The list is endless, all are Sādhana.”

TKV Desikachar France 1983

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