Who needs just Yoga as just Yoga anymore?


“Has the original and ancient Yoga gene now
become merely a non-genetic Yoga meme
and thus is only capable of being
imitated rather than propagated?”

Noted amidst a flurry of competing exercise/mind and body workout adverts in my local village newsletter:

  • Booty Barre fuses legendary fitness techniques from Pilates, Dance, Callisthenics and Yoga creating balance, posture and body awareness.
  • Pilates Fusion Flow is a mix of Yoga, Pilates and Dance Movements which will strengthen the body and calm the mind.

So on top of Yoga being reduced down to postural exercise with added stress reduction and/or autogenic relaxation techniques, we now encounter a further dissipation of even that element in terms of it being a name or technique that can be bolted on or blended in to other exercise entertainment offerings.

Plus they are all competing for the one stop shop marketplace cakeshare in terms of offering a fitness building and stress reducing marriage.

Who needs just Yoga as just Yoga anymore?

Already the Yoga marketplace has long been hijacked by the Āsana posing (‘xcuse pun) as Yoga scene.

I know Yoga is many things to many people, as the post I shared on my Facebook page yesterday illustrated quoting Mircea Eliade’s Yoga: Immortality and Freedom on page 150:

“If the word ‘yoga’ means many things,
that is because Yoga is many things.”

But maybe even here, the question arises as to where or if a line can be drawn as to where Yoga is, as not just many things but even no longer even recognisable in any way as Yoga?

Are we even nearing a point of saying can you find Yoga as just Yoga anymore?

Do we find ourselves in a situation where the DNA that was once richly infused, permeated and connected by Yoga within its many generational incarnations over the centuries, has now become too weakened, too diffused and too dissipated?

In other words is Yoga now such a weakened, diffused and distant gene that it no longer has any real bearing on the current generations apart from a clinging to the name, as if some distant hereditary title within the ancient family ancestry, in order to give credence to their modernist offerings?

Thus has the original and ancient Yoga gene now become merely a non-genetic Yoga meme and thus is only capable of being imitated rather than propagated?

In other words, do we have a situation where the word Yoga has now become a placebo whereby wherever the name is used or attached to something, or anything, people believe?

Furthermore can the generic Yoga shopping public, being led by the corporate Yoga reductionist pipers tune with its soundbite and picturebite media influences, tell the difference between an imitational offering and a propagational offering in this day and age of artful reproductions, mass marketing, slick promotions and appealing shop fronts?

Or even, do many Yogasumers care as long as it looks like the real thing and those offering it tell you its the real (and latest, therefore greatest in this world of this years model is better than last years) deal?

Or if not now, then surely the trendings we are currently increasingly observing mean that its only a matter of time?

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