The Art of Setting Priorities for Āsana and the Yoga Body


Two Day Yoga Intensive January 8/9th 2016


The Art of Setting Priorities for Āsana and the Yoga Body

This two day intensive will explore how to set priorities when establishing a core Āsana practice.

We will look at short and long term goals in choosing postures to focus and develop within our practice.

It is for all interested in the structural and energetic principles that underpin the selection, application and practice of Āsana respecting the principles of Haṭha Yoga and their importance within Modern Postural Yoga.

We will explore Krishnamacharya and Desikachar’s teachings on Yoga and its relationship to and links with modern Kinesiological processes, as well as to its roots within the energetic principles underpinning Haṭha.

It is offered for all Yoga students, teachers and trainee teachers from any background interested in the core principles in the teachings of Haṭha Yoga that support refining and developing the body in our Āsana practice.

Each session will help us to develop, through presentation, textual contexting, and kinesiological examination, along with practical demonstration, small group interaction and personal practice experience, how we can:

  • Appreciate the Role of Primary Āsana for the Yoga Body
  • Appreciate the Role of Secondary Āsana for the Yoga Body
  • Appreciate the Role in Linking Āsana for the Yoga Body
  • Choose Short Term and Long Term Developmental Goals for the Yoga Body
  • Appreciate Developmental, Support or Therapeutic Choices for the Yoga Body
  • Appreciate the importance of the Energetic Structural Priorities within Haṭha Yoga
  • Understand how to establish Kinesiological Structural Priorities for Modern Postural Yoga
  • Appreciate the relationship between Energetic and Kinesiological Structural Priorities

From this we can facilitate a deeper, more effective and progressive practice through developing direct insight and appreciation into how structural postural and practice patterns may be:

  • Unhelpful in terms of health, well being and attitude
  • Inadequate in that they reinforce existing postural patterns

Finally we will explore how to integrate the Structural and Energetic aspects of Āsana practice within Haṭha Yoga into the goals and deeper potentials of Yoga within our lives and personal Yoga Journey.

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