How long should a person stay in an Āsana?


Question to T Krishnamacharya –

Q: How long should a person stay in an Āsana every day?
A: A person must stay in any one Āsana for at least fifteen minutes.
Śrī Krishnamacharya – The Pūrnācārya
– published by the KYM in 1997

2 thoughts on “How long should a person stay in an Āsana?

  1. Dear Mr. Harvey! Greetings from Croatia!
    Based on your knowledge, would you advise first doing asanas dynamically, with numerous repetitions, before staying in an asana for a larger number of breaths (leading up to 15 mins, as Krishnamacharya suggests, and that’s a lot of breaths)? I’ve recently started staying more and more in asanas breathing, and I’m noticing how that makes my asana practice much more focused, enabling me to really dive into myself more deeply. I’d love to have a conversation with you about yoga. Thank you! Ivan Vuković

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