Even in the case of Śikṣaṇa Krama the ancient teachers had steps…….


“Even in the case of Śikṣaṇa Krama the ancient teachers had steps in the teaching:

  • Yukti Śikṣaṇa
    The teaching must be appropriate to the intelligence of the individual.
  • Grahaṇa Śikṣaṇa
    Also able to absorb correctly what you have understood.
    You must test them, confuse them to see if they have.
  • Yukta Smaraṇa
    The teacher should find out how much the person remembers
    what they have understood.
  • Yukta Abhyāsa
    Is how much a person practices what he is given.
    To see if he has learnt, understood and practiced.
  • Yukta Anu Bhāva
    Even practice can be mechanical, even if it is regular.
    So how much you have learnt from the practice.
    What it has taught you.
  • Yukta Pracāram
    Finally, you ask the person to transmit what they have received.

The transmission shows the Siddhi of the Sādhana.
This is Viniyoga.
These outlines are valid whether Śikṣaṇa or Rakṣaṇa Krama.
If what is given is mechanical it is not Viniyoga.
That is why the Viniyoga spirit is very important these days.”
– TKV Desikachar France 1983

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