Prārthanā Ślokam – Gurubhyastad Verse for all Teachers with Translation

Śrī Nāthamuni

The notion of Paramparā or ongoing transmission from teachers to students is typified by Śrī Nathamuni, Yogi par excellence from the 9th Century. He was a forebear of Śrī Kṛṣṇamācarya and grandfather of Śrī Yāmunācārya, himself the author of the Stotra Ratnam and the Gītārtha Saṃgraha

gurubhyastad gurubhyaśca
To my teacher and all their teachers

namo vākamadhīmahe I
I salute through my words

vṛṇīmahe ca tad rādyau
Lauding and that first

dampatī jagatāṃ pati II
couple world Lord of

To my teacher and all their teachers
I salute through my words.
Lauding not only them, but the first
couple (one’s parents), Lord of the world.

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