In terms of Haṭha Yoga the role of freedom in movement is not an end in itself…….

Freedom of or in movement is a useful pursuit and obviously an asset in the world of homo-sedens that abounds these days.

However movement according to the principles inherent in Hatha Yoga has another role other than freedom of movement as an end in itself.

Thus in terms of Haṭha Yoga the role of freedom in movement is a useful tool but not the goal that seems to dominate Āsana classes within Modern Postural Yoga.

Of course freedom in movement is obviously a support in allowing us to apply the principles of Hatha Āsana practice, but not the end in itself it seems to have become.

For example it can help with facilitating an exploration of the energetic processes that define, guide and differentiate Hatha Yoga from movement forms such as exercise, fitness, dance, etc.

Yet it seems to be that on the way to the goals of Haṭha Yoga and its relationship to Rāja Yoga, we are being sidetracked by the goals within the myriad of movement forms that proliferate or even pose (‘xcuse pun) as Āsana practice today.

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