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I am receiving an increasing number of emails from around the globe regarding questions and requests for clarification around Yoga practice, theory and philosophy.

I talk more easily than I type and I also feel direct contact and dialogue is much more preferable to a keyboard based to’ing and fro’ing of views, opinions or questions.

Also we live increasingly in an age where direct face to face, albeit via screen and speaker, contact is possible through media such as Skype, FaceTime, WebEx, etc.

Hence I am proposing an offering of time and space using modern media to engage in a direct dialogue with your questions or requests for clarification with those interested.

So I am offering to schedule around three sessions a week of around 20′ each. These meetings will be, diary permitting, on either a Wednesday or Thursday  of each week at a time that we can mutually negotiate considering time zone differences.

They will be one-off sessions and they will be completely free. Should the outcome be that there is more that needs to be discussed or there is an interest in online studies, then a more formal arrangement for future meetings along with a fee paying setup can be negotiated.

On this note a more detailed announcement around ongoing online study options and structures will be posted once the Online Personalised Live Learning Programme and its textual study and practice theory options are finalised.

However these one-off meetings are offered completely free of any future obligation and are not proposed as ‘loss leaders’. They are merely a means to yatter around Yoga and a chance for me to understand your query better in order to respond more clearly.

The Saṃskṛta word Yatta means to be attended to, guided; engaged in, intent upon, prepared for, ready to. Hence Yoga Yatta is offered in that spirit of engaging in meeting and attending to your questions and offering, as an experienced guide, what I can from my long studies with my teacher.

If you are interested then please do email me with your questions and from there we can set up a meeting to yatter more. Thank you for your interest.

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