Learning Support for Chanting the Śuci Mantra or Prāṇa Apāna – Slow speed


Taken from the Taittirīya Upaniṣad Chapter 4 verse 67-77, this Mantra was one of T Krishnamacharya’s personal favourites.
Sometimes known as an Ārogya Mantra or Mantra for Health, Krishnamacharya referred to it as the Śuci Mantra or Mantra for Purification and as such should be recited daily as part of our personal Sādhana.
According to Krishnamacharya the verses in the Śuci Mantra describe all the aspects of the human system, which when listed total 108.
The download link is for a slower speed (to help with learning) version of the Śuci Mantra and is from my personal library of recordings from my studies with my teacher TKV Desikachar and he recorded it for me with one of his senior chant students Sujaya Sridhar.
To Download the Chant Sheet with Romanised Saṃskṛta, translation and Chant Notation

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