Thirty day Personal Study Project on Yoga Planning, Theory and Sūtra


The crossover of the seasons arrived almost to the day as August transits to September and with it a resumption of my teaching Dharma as we crossover from Summer to Autumn.
However this September sees me on the road a lot one way or another with little opportunity for reflections around my Yoga study.
So as I will be unable to post consistently I have prepared a 30 day Personal Study Project on three topics, with an alternating post on each, thus 10 questions each around a different area of Study.

The three topics are:

  • Āsana and Prāṇāyāma Practice Planning
  • Āsana and Prāṇāyāma Theory
  • Yoga Sūtra Study

Although I will be unable to dialogue online regarding the questions. I hope this short study project stimulates further interest in the search for:

• Guidance in nourishing and refining our personal practice so that it continues to support both our outer and inner life journeys.

• Deeper appreciation of the primary principles of Haṭha practice which underpin, inspire and inform Rāja Yoga.

• Insight into and from the important Yoga teachings on the relationship between the Psyche and Awareness.

• Familiarisation with Yoga Sūtra Psychology theory, Dhyāna practice techniques and Awareness processes.

The posts start from tomorrow and there will be a downloadable PDF of each question and a Personal Study Manual of all the questions once the project has been fully posted.

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