Making a start in learning to Chant the Yoga Sūtra


Mostly we come across the teachings of the Yoga Sūtra through a group class situation or by coming across a book.

This is fine as a starting point, however longer term the Yoga Sūtra needs to permeate from the inside rather than just be read and thought about from the outside.

A good starting point for initiating this psychic process is to learn how to chant as a process in itself and then how to chant the Yoga Sūtra specifically.

As well as offering a deepening of contact with those special Bhāvana that arise from Chanting, this can also be extremely helpful for the memory processes involved.

These two steps in the embracing of Chant as a practice ideally require a teacher, especially to hear how we repeat what we think we hear and offer a vinyāsa krama for cultivating a personal skill-base.

However accepting that for some this may not be a possibility at this point in time, a self-learning suggestion is offered below.

Firstly a chanting sheet offering an introduction to the first four verses in each of the four chapters. The chanting here is arranged in a developmental sequence that offers a progressive review of these 16 verses and now requires over 60 lines of chanting to complete what would normally be done in 20 lines.

Yoga Sūtra Chapters One to Four Krama with v1-4

Secondly to help train your ear and tongue, a link to a sound file recorded from a summer retreat some years ago covering this material.

Yoga Sūtra Chapters One to Four Krama with v1-4


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