Prārthanā Ślokam – Śuklām Opening Verse with Translation


This prayer is used most often as an opening verse or Prārthanā Ślokam – Request Verse.
Known also as a Śānti Pataḥ or invocation for peaceful flow, it is a prayer to Vināyaka.
Vināyaka is an aspect of Gaṇeśa, traditionally seen as a remover of obstacles.

śuklāmbaradharaṃ viṣṇuṃ
Dressed in white and all pervading

śaśivarnaṃ caturbhujam I
dark in colour, with four arms.

prasanna vadanaṃ dhyāyet
Your pleasing mien, I meditate on

sarva vighnopa śāntaye II
for all obstacles, to appease.

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